A Moment of Peace Within all the Bustle

2013 ps edited snow hilltop jpg Scan 133580000Winter Solstice can be a time to enjoy and explore quiet and inner peace.   Midwinter–the year’s shortest days, longest nights, and for some of us the hush of snow.  I welcome the respite from shopping, wrapping and festivities  that a snow scene can bring.    Nature slows down, people speed up.  It’s comforting to catch moments of quiet within all the bustle.

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex

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Winter’s Wardrobe

In the cold time of short days and longest nights

evergreens preen proudly in wraps of needle green,

while humbler trees’ branches, unclothed until spring,

bear chill. Then  snow in its pity shawls them with white

as it quilts and carpets frost-desolate ground that

cradles trees’ slumbering roots.

In the depths of winter, when nature’s bones are bare

and reaching toward the sky without a leaf to wear,

lace swirls and plummets from above and hovers in the air

before it blankets all below

with silence.

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex


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Bordeaux to Paris, Views from a Train

2014  Blog TGV 1 2nd view Bourdeaux-St. Jean to Paris Scan 2As my TGV train raced from Bordeaux to Paris last May, as quickly as I could I sketched the scenes speeding past my window.  A French panorama changing from cemeteries to bridges to palaces rolled past as I captured as much as I could in my  sketch book.  On arriving in Paris, I put away pen and sketchbook to juggle suitcases and art supplies, make my way through a train station, and tired but happy, find a cab to my Paris hotel. .

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex

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Witches Hurl Villanelle Curse at Racists

We curse you, with this villanelle.
You judge by color of one’s skin.
Stop! Defanged by this biting spell.

Race venom’s snakes we will repel,
save black and white both from that sin!
We curse, with ireful villanelle.

That writhing poison we will quell
in white and black—without, within.
Stop! Defanged by this biting spell!

Deprived of hatred, who can tell
what other mischief you’ll begin?
Livid, we curse with villanelle.

Will pain, death, nightmare be sequel?
No matter. Race-hate must give in.
Stop! Defanged by this wrathful spell!

For you there is a viper’s hell
if you bless only color-kin.
We curse you, with this villanelle.
Stop! Defanged by this biting spell!

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex

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Spendthrift Autumn, Frugal Winter

Spendthrift autumn dances,
winds tossing the bright coin of trees
in her wake.
Leaves—red, golden, brown–curl dry,
caught where shrubs meet
earth, huddle near roots.
Rain softens spent

Frugal winter hoards
autumn’s debris in root cellars,
stocks those cold cellars with
provisions for the year’s dark hibernation,
feeds shrubs’ drowsing roots,
tidying her dozing charges
for the coming of

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Toulouse to Bordeaux from a Train Window

2014  Blog TGV 1st view from Toulouse to Paris

With racing pen and small sketchbook, I captured fast-passing scenes while speeding through the south of France last May.  From cathedrals (top right) to a pharmacy and tabac shop (bottom left), these vistas flashed past my window on the TGV (high-speed train) from Toulouse, capital of the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, to Bordeaux a port city on the Garonne River.

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex

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“Bring Me the Sunset in a Cup”

My cup of metaphors spills out;
its saucer overflows.
My thoughts are image-steeped
like tea in pouches, hung from words.

With sounds and pictures—color, shape–
delighting eye, caressing ear,
the heady brew one can mistake
for something soothing, something clear.

The first sip pleases—calming, warm—
a fuller swallow reveals more.
The whole cup drained—and then a qualm—
exposing meanings veiled before.

“Bring me the sunset in a cup” is the first line of an Emily Dickinson poem numbered XXXIX on p.103 of The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson Introduction by Billy Collins, The Modern Library, 2000.

©2014 Marguerite Beck-Rex

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